Made for Ludum Dare 40 (Jam) by URNext7634 and DarkSamus9000


Capeman Adventure is a short and unfortunately horribly buggy platformer. In it, you play as Capeman, who goes on an adventure to defeat the forces of evil blah blah blah.

Yes, It's horribly buggy. We know :( With limited time and virtually no skill there was only so much we could do. Issues with our custom engine forced us to make an emergency switch to Construct 2, which we had basically no experience in. Considering that both of us were doing a first time job here, I'm ok with how it turned out. Play it! Or don't.

Please enjoy, if possible :)



Jump: W

Left & Right: A & D

Attack: Spacebar

(Double Jump is acquired after level 1 - press W while in air to jump again)


Art, sound, level design: URNext7634

Music, putting together game in Construct 2: DarkSamus9000

This game has shown us all our weak areas of game development (all of them). In the next six months we will be practicing code, music, art, and game development together to prepare for the next Ludum Dare. (Hopefully we will be less busy then as well!)

Enjoy the game if you can!

Fixed a bug where the ending for level 1 was on the wrong layer, making it impossible to finish level 1

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